Movie ReelAfter five months of actively following people on twitter @tracydeesmith as part of my effort to build an audience for my films, I have finally gotten more than 1819 followers which means I can follow more than the 2001 limit!

I have been very strategic in who I follow since I don’t want to simply have random accounts following me back that are either bots or people who would never be interested in my projects. I have focused on actors, filmmakers and film buffs. They are easier to find in the twittersphere than the vague mass audience that is interested in romantic comedies or dramas or female-driven movies. I am also trying to connect with female filmmakers through women’s film festivals and women in film organizations.

Once I have a core following for my personal account as a female filmmaker @tracydeesmith then I will start working on my @eastmeetswilde account in which I will focus on Oscar Wilde fans and Asian-Canadian/Asian-American film fans.

It’s been so much work hunting, following and unfollowing (with the help of manageflitter) and because I am not an actor, I do not have the same potential for “fans” so finding followers is more work. It will be worth it in the long run since I am hoping I will build an audience that will span several projects. Also, there is no other option since the quick fix of “buying” followers doesn’t mean actual fans and it is only through personal conversations and diligence that you find a real connection and audience.

So if you’re on twitter, please follow (and a huge thanks to everyone out there who already has!) @tracydeesmith


ws So it’s been almost a month of very dedicated writing and I can now say I have a readable draft. I wouldn’t yet call it a first draft. Definitely still a rough draft but at least we have the blue print now.

I have added about four new scenes that did not exist in the play but 90% of the dialogue is unchanged. It’s been a challenge to add new locations and to chunk or intercut scenes so that it doesn’t read like a stage play.

There are still a lot of changes that can still be done in terms of trimming dialogue and “showing not telling” but I am ready to call it for now. Find me on twitter @tracydeesmith


Please join us for this upcoming workshop (the last one sold out so sign up soon!)
Directing for Beginners! with Tracy D. Smith
1-5pm Saturday, Sept 21, 2013
at Cineworks Studio Suite 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC
Course fee: $50
To Register Contact: or call 778-228-0840
In less than 4 hours learn everything you need to direct your next project!
1. The Four Essential Shots that are used in almost every scene
(practice shooting completed scenes in camera)
2. How to make and use a floor plan and shot list
3. Working with actors
4. THE AXIS (a fool proof way to crack the code on this one forever!)

I have tried for the last month to increase my Klout score. On July 27, I was at 62. After posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, blogging daily, building my LinkedIn profile and making hundreds of connections, increasing my twitter followers by a 1000 and generally being “online” as much as I possibly can, I dropped a point to 61.

So, forget it! I’m not going to check my score anymore! Well, maybe in a month I will have a peek but certainly not daily like I have been!

There are so many other ways to “know” how much influence you have in life/social media and their bizarre algorithm is just too narrow of a measurement to capture that.

Last Sunday, we put on a script read for a romantic comedy that I am writing entitled, “Boo!” (It’s about a woman who thinks she’s a ghost but she’s not!) It’s the project I would like to do after this one. I have been writing it since 2008. I want to have the script camera ready when we are done “Importance of Being Earnest: East Meets West” so we can ride the momentum of one project into the next.

It is a huge challenge constantly working on several projects in development. I have one other script and three outlines that I am chipping away at as well. It is nice to know what’s coming down the line though.

The script read was insanely successful. Fred Ewanick, of “Corner Gas” and “Dan for Mayor” fame, kindly came out and read for the lead male. Paralee Cook, a talented actress and dear friend, cast the read and brought out some amazing talents! So privileged to have the actors donate their time and energy and great notes on the script!

So huge thanks to: Daniel Boileau, Rhonda Dent, Kurt Evans, Fred Ewaniuk, Adrian Holmes, Catherine Lough-Haggquist,  Charles Lysne, Carrie Rusheinsky, Bronwen Smith, Andy Yu, Qelsey Zeeper and our very own associate producer: Yvette Lu.


We are so lucky to have Lauren Mainland on our team! She is the Leo Award winning editor of the insanely successful short film “Regarding Sarah”. Thank you for coming on board, Lauren!

She is an incredible storyteller and a brilliant techie! Check out


Had a fantastic meeting with Sue Biely today. We are both on the board of the Crazy8s film society and also we are on the committee to figure out digital distribution for the Crazy8s films as well.

It fits in perfectly with my own research trying to ensure distribution for my own movie. I will be looking into content aggregators, iTunes, Vimeo, Reelhouse, Distribber and Netflix.

I really want to figure out Netflix because I think its going to end up being the number one way people get their shows. I think iTunes will be a distant second.

Anyways, such a slog all this research. Not nearly as fun as actually making a movie!

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